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We are on the crest of an epic shift in humanity, The Age of Reason is being eclipsed by the Age of Empathy.  This generation views the world as an extended family -- increasingly interconnected through technology -- and they live with a deep moral obligation to care for one another.


The innovative social-entrepreneurs of today are not waiting for governments, institutions or large denominations to change what is not right in our world. They are acting on their own passion and empathy.  They are taking risks, and remaking the world.


The Barefoot Tribe is about harnessing this force. We want to invite people to collaborate and innovate together. We want to challenge the dispassion of Christians in years past. We want to promote conversation, collaboration, and inspire this generation of Christ-followers to give their best wisdom, abilities, and passion to find scalable, sustainable solutions for marginalized people in desperate places. 

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