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Waiting for Daylight on Life's Dark Nights


A new book by Palmer Chinchen that will radically change the way you think about pain, sorrow, and hope. God has a better way -- and it's beautiful.


Pain is the world’s common language. Suffering is woven into the fabric of our fallen world. No one is immune, no one can escape its grip. It’s a condition that impacts people, relationships, even entire countries.  


Palmer writes God Can’t Sleep after his years of living in Africa and serving in places like Haiti and Cuba, witnessing first hand the devastating effects of civil war, oppressive regimes, pandemics, and extreme poverty. And in such moments, it can seem like God is asleep.  


Drawing from powerful Scripture and his unique world experience, Palmer fearlessly tackles the toughest questions: Why do the very worst things happen to the very best people? When will the pain stop? Through Palmer’s insights that encourage, comfort, and offer hope, you will be inspired to respond to a hurting world as you connect with the compassionate heart of a God who can’t sleep.

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