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Take off your shoes and walk the holy ground of a broken world.



Join the tribe of churches across the country that are challenging their people to take off their shoes and walk barefoot on one Sunday. 


invite your people on an ordinary Sunday  to take off their shoes – leave them at church so they can be given away – then walk the rest of the day barefoot.


Inspire your people, join a movement of Christ-followers who will give their lives – and shoes – away to change what is broken in this world.   

Love Liberia Project



Raise Awareness of Extreme Poverty

Everyday 1.3 billion people walk barefoot in underdeveloped countries. But we don't think much about that because we simple don’t see it. Walking barefoot is shameful, but worse, walking barefoot is a leading cause of disease among the poor in the developing world.  

Walk with the Poor 

On Barefoot Sunday we invite every person who takes off their shoes to walk the rest of the day barefoot, in order to experience in a small way how 1/5 of the world’s population lives everyday. If they go shopping or to a restaurant, go barefoot. It’s a bit shaming, and a bit painful, with the hot asphalt and the gravel. But people will empathize with the poor in a new way, and will never forget the Sunday they walked barefoot.

A Reminder to Live Generously

The average American owns nineteen pairs of shoes. We can live with less. Barefoot Sunday is a reminder to all of us that we have more than enough… so let’s give more away. We live with excess, let’s begin to live with less. It starts on Barefoot Sunday.Ÿ 


Have Questions Need More Info:

web: (click on Barefoot Sunday)


call:     480.883.7600




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